Episode 151 - Girl Talk

Episode 130 · September 27th, 2013 · 34 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

I've just written a book.

It is called "PZ's Panopticon:
An Off-the-Wall Guide to World Religiion".
It's not about gender differences nor does it concern ideology.
It looks at the religions of the world in terms of one question:
What does this or that religion have to offer a dying person?
My book concerns religion for a person in extremis.
Dying seems to "concentrate the mind wonderfully" (Samuel Johnson).
I think it serves a most concentrating purpose in helping a person
sift through the wisdom of religion.
Oh, and by religion, I also mean religions that are not called religions,
such as celebrity, sex, things, one's children, one's life-partner,
one's ideology, and the power that you have and exercise in your life.
Power is a big religion.
Religion covers almost anything that habitually or functionally is
This podcast is dedicated to Ray Ortlund.