Episode 205 - Unforeseen

Episode 185 · November 9th, 2015 · 20 mins 46 secs

About this Episode

It's not an abstraction!  It's more than something just to talk about  or consider. It could happen to you.  In fact, it probably will.

I'm talking about unforeseen death.
Some people hold on for a long time, even when they don't really want to.
Other people want to hold on, but illness intervenes and they go a dozen years earlier than they expected. (You never expect it.)
Other people had a bad habit in youth and maybe adulthood, and it catches them later. They never thought they would be hooked up to a respirator personally.

"I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night" (Electric Prunes, 1967):
That is, I thought I was coughing myself to death.
A habitual "nervous" cough turned into an atomic reaction and I suffocated.
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This?

"Are You Ready?": Bob Dylan asked in 1980.
"No", I might answer, in 2015. "But I'd like to be."

Sunday after Sunday I hear sermons that seem completely to sidestep the one really big reason a person would go to church. John Wesley never sidestepped it. Nor did Luther. St. Ignatius didn't, either. Don't you.