Episode 211 - Son, This Is She

Episode 190 · February 8th, 2016 · 24 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

           There is this amazing supposed contrast between the God Who comes to us from without, and the God Who speaks to us from within.

Historic Christianity generally hears the First.
Eastern religion generally hears the second.

Personally, I hear both -- by which I mean,
a lot of Love is "channelled" or "made flesh" in the inspirations I feel to love and to cherish that are indistinguishable from my own best self.
("I'd like to know where you got the notion" (Rock the Boat) -- The Hues Corporation, 1974).

Yet when I'm in a jam, when I am simply unable to be in touch at all
with my true and best self -- when I'm beset, alone, and without defense or protection -- then it's all about the God who Reaches Down and Helps.
(Like 'Delphine' at the end of The Green Ray.) "Save Me" (Fleetwood Mac, 1990).

This cast speaks of our deafness and blindness when it comes to hearing and seeing God in, well, what lies before us, in our purview -- with a little help from Howard Pyle, James Garner, Manly Wade Wellman, Donald Trump, William Hale White, and Christopher Isherwood. It's Joe Meek, though, together with Geoff Goddard, who cuts the knot.

The cast is dedicated to Ethan Richardson.