Episode 233 – The Story in Your Eyes

Episode 194 · September 11th, 2017 · 19 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

We’ve all got a story in our eyes!

The Moody Blues, and in particular their inspired songwriter Justin Hayward, caught that “Silent-Running” fact in the 1971 single that starts this podcast. We’ve all got a story in our eyes.

Characteristically, the story results from pain, and, also characteristically, from pain suffered in earlier life. At the time, it seemed, at least in many cases, to be overcome-able. It seemed as though it, the loss or pain, could be counter-acted, or even superseded, by other, better experiences.

And so it seemed.

Until later, when that slight deviation east, of the hurricane against my life, by which that hurricane moved offshore, to the margin of my feelings, and just “sat there”, caught up with us. Later, sometimes decades later, the eye of the storm turned back on us, and constituted a direct hit! Then down we went, and with us the whole fragile architecture of our “Works and Days” (Hesiod).

So I’m talking about the story in your eyes.

But I’m also pumping for hope. I’m pumping for a step of faith. I don’t want you to give up. I don’t wish to give up, myself. Jesus often asked the individuals who came to him with incurable disease and insoluble problems, “Where is your faith?”.

Dr. Thomas Calhoun once asked me, after I’d proffered a long sob story, “But Paul, where is your faith?” My inward answer, right on the spot, was, “Well, nowhere. I have no faith.” That was an important moment. I saw what I didn’t have — at all! — and also saw the only thing I needed. Won’t tell you the end of that story, tho’ I sure bless Tom Calhoun.

On that note, the podcast ends; and with the snappy pop classic, also by the Moodies, entitled, “It’s Up to You”. And please don’t worry. It’s orthodox!