Episode 40 - "No Popery"

Episode 30 · March 19th, 2011 · 36 mins

About this Episode

Religious partisanship is normal, explicable, and terminal.

It kills Christianity. It sure killed me.
Or maybe it wised me up.
This podcast concerns Charles Dickens' novel "Barnaby Rudge", which was published in 1841. Dickens' subject was the "No Popery" riots that took place in 1780 in London. They are also known as the "Gordon Riots".
Dickens used this astonishing episode to observe the causes of theological hatred, and its consequences.
Dickens was a conscious Protestant and heartfelt Christian,
but he was upset by religious malice.
"Barnaby Rudge" gets to the bottom of it, in 661 pages.
This podcast gives you the Reader's Digest version in 36 minutes.