Episode 347 - Perpetual Motion

Episode 311 · February 15th, 2023 · 19 mins 4 secs

About this Episode

What could really do it? What could actually revive the beneficent influence of the Christian Gospel on our current masochistic/sadistic world? "What Does It Take/To Win Your Love for Me" (Junior Walker, 1969).

That is the question of this cast: What might need to happen in order for the unique vision of New Testament faith and hope to "re-enchant" the world?

One's attention was drawn recently to the martyrdom at Carthage, in 203 A.D., of St. Perpetua.

Her journal, the personal account of her trial for the capital crime of being a Christian in that place and time, is the only document of its kind preserved from Classical (i.e., Greco-Roman) culture that was written by a woman. It is entirely genuine and also entirely unique. Plus, the final chapter, which was written by an observer of Perpetua's death in the arena, is as shocking, in my opinion, as almost anything you will ever read concerning the physicality of martyrdom. What happened to Perpetua is a certain confirmation of "Low Anthropology".

Perpetua's death -- she was a single mother, aged 22 -- made a huge difference in the perception of Christianity by the people of North Africa. In fact, the difference it made was decisive. Thousands of everyday people were shaken by her courage and her explicit faithfulness.

I believe the fortunes of the Church would change overnight if someone were willing to die for their faith, were willing to give up even their physical life for it. This doesn't seem to be happening in the West. I hope it will -- tho' I recognize that's easy to say. (What if the lot should fall on Mary's and my door? "Fuh-get about it!"?)

Listen to Billy Preston now, from 1971. "(God) promised to exalt us/But low is the way."

Podcast 347 is dedicated to my friend Steven Berzin.