Episode 349 - Atlantic Twist

Episode 313 · February 21st, 2023 · 19 mins 29 secs

About this Episode

This is a follow-up to "Joe Meek Is God", and observes the non sequiturs of one's life.

I believe they are Providential, those decisive non sequiturs; and are best observed in the absence of a "narrative" or personal story-line.

What has happened in your life has happened. The turning points, the "pivots", both for 'good' and for 'ill', were not rationally conceived -- or at least few of them were. They came upon you. Just look! Be a scientist for a minute. Study the data of your actual experience. It's all a bit of a mystery in terms of the whys and the wherefores.

Yet over time a kind of odd observed plan -- not your plan, but God's Plan -- becomes apparent.

As Dr. Tom Calhoun says with Doric profundity: "It had to be that way". My call on the listener to this cast is this: Study the way your life's actually been. You'll very possibly see a larger Purpose, albeit caused by non sequiturs. Your entire life, within stops and starts, under extrusions and intrusions, had an individual direction that added up to a supernatural Non Sequitur Who is God.

I hope you like the concluding track, too. It is entitled "Tom Tom Cat" as performed by The Tom Cats, i.e., one of Joe Meek's "bands" in 1961. "Tom Tom Cat" out-Los Straitjackets Los Straitjackets -- which is Saying Something. "Tom Tom Cat" is an inspired non sequitur. Like you and me. LUV U.

This cast is dedicated to Ryan Alvey.