Episode 371 - At the Earth's Core

Episode 335 · December 3rd, 2023 · 17 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

That's a fun movie, from 1976, in which a group of Victorian English people are mistakenly rocketed into inner space, right down to the core of the earth. (What they find, well, you can probably imagine.)

But the title and the premise are good: There's newness to be found at the center of the earth -- our earth, our core.

This is the heart of the Christian Faith. God will always speak to beleaguered humans, but rarely until we get to the earth's core. The core is where we live; the core is where our "Heart and Soul" (Cleftones, 1961) feel (as one); the core is where our pain comes undisguised, unmasked. There, in the core, is where we meet God; or better, where the Saving God meets us.

The cast circles over 'Theron Ware', 'Babette', Lloyd Bridges as 'The Loner', right over to Rod Serling's superb "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar". But we are "Circl(ing) for a Landing" (Three Dog Night, 1968). I can never rest until we land -- land at the Earth's Core.

Merry Christmas to you all, and God Bless Us Every One.

Podcast 371 is dedicated to a true fellow traveler, Tom Agricola.