Episode 386 - I Am the Eggman

Episode 350 · May 22nd, 2024 · 23 mins 54 secs

About this Episode

It was quite arresting, decades ago, when a young artist in New York City told me that, despite appearances -- she came across as confident and hopeful -- she felt inside herself as if she were an egg that had been hurled against the wall, broken in a hundred pieces and dripping down the white paint. In other words, she was "Shattered" (Rolling Stones, 1978). But you never would have known. Not in a thousand years.

Gosh, I learned something that day.
As in, appearances can deceive.
As in, things are often felt more strongly than a person wants to let on.
As in, "in bref", things inside are considerably more serious -- let's say, wounded -- than you (or anyone else) would ever wish to let on.

This cast describes the human condition as more serious than we sometimes imagine -- maybe than we ever imagine. At least until it happens to us!

ABBA makes a fresh appearance, via the refrain to "S.O.S."; and Rudyard Kipling, too. T. S. Eliot wrote once that some of Kipling's short stories feel divinely inspired. "On the Gate" may be one of them. You decide.

Dear Egg Hurled Against the Kitchen Wall:
I am with you. More importantly, He is with you. He doesn't turn away. (This eggman has experienced that Miracle himself!)