Episode 50- Human Nature

Episode 38 · June 11th, 2011 · 33 mins 6 secs

About this Episode

It just may be the worst thing about America today:

our view of human nature.
If you listen to almost any -- and I mean, any -- commentator, speechmaker, pundit, or spokesperson, of literally any and every organization, institution, medium, or government office, you are going to hear about taking charge, and imposing control -- of everything and everybody. (I hate that they'll now ticket you if you're caught smoking in New York City. That's insane! No more "Shake Shack" for us, I am dashed to say.)
The pitiful thing is, their idea of human nature is not true.
It is simply not true.
We are being fed an understanding of human nature that is inaccurate.
It is innacurate from stem to stern.
Therefore there is no HOPE being offered. Everything is rooted in a fallacy. "Shallow Hal"
This is Episode 50 of "PZ's Podcast". Philip Wylie's going to help us out again, but so is wonderful William Inge, and inspired Frenchman Jacques Demy. I'm going to let them take us there, to
Strawberry Fields ... Forever.