Episode 72 - Making Plans for Nigel

Episode 55 · October 31st, 2011 · 31 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Nigel Kneale (1922-2006) was absolute murder,

in the Reggae sense.
No writer of English science fiction
thought more originally
than Nigel Kneale, who mostly wrote teleplays for the BBC.
His "Quatermass (pro. 'Kway-ter-mass') and the Pit" from 1959
attempted to explain the whole history of religion
via Martians. It strangely works.
Kneale's "Quatermass" (1979) showed how the "young" are unable to save themselves from generational self-slaughter. Only "seniors" can save 'em!
There's a lot to Kneale, He's one other of those unusual humanists
who understood about Original Sin.
These rare birds -- they're all "murder" -- have much to tell us.