Episode 91 - Sequels

Episode 69 · January 27th, 2012 · 31 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

Sequels are strange:

sometimes they're better than the original,
most of the time they're worse.
What makes a good sequel?
"The Empire Strikes Back", for example;
or "The Invisible Man Returns"; or
"The Ghost of Frankenstein".
Well, preaching -- I mean preaching in the formal sense, i.e., preaching in churches -- is a study in sequels.
When you preach a sermon, you're in a long succession.
It goes all the way back to the Sermon on the Mount.
That was a good one.
Most of its sequels, however, don't seem to have the same power.
They tend to be soon forgotten.
I want to learn from "The Invisible Man's Revenge", and "Ghost", and "Hand" (you know what I mean) in order to know what makes a good sequel.
This is a podcast on the art and science of preaching.