Episode 99 9/10 - Twisterella

Episode 78 · March 16th, 2012 · 32 mins 22 secs

About this Episode

When reality comes crashing in to call,

you've got to be prepared for a re-think.
It's what happens to 'Billy Liar', in another dazzling English rose,
the movie "Billy Liar" from 1963.
It's based on a novel then a play,
but the visuals bring it home.
A man of 19, who flees from his life, for his life, into a fantasy world,
begins to falter, then crumble, in the face of reality.
(O Lucky Man! -- at age 19, to begin to see.)
Like the English city in which he lives,
in which every building seems to be being bulldozed
in service of urban renewal,
'Billy Fisher' -- Billy Liar -- is watching "everything go".
"Not one stone" (of his plummeting life) "will be left on stone".
There's help, however, in the form of a girl,
a precious girl,
who is able to care and not care.
She's the hope!
She knows something Billy doesn't, and few do.
Can she save our phantastic hero?
Could she save you?
Listen to "Twisterella".
Or rather, see "Billy Liar", and SEE.