Episode 199: What Actually Happens

Episode 178 · August 8th, 2015 · 22 mins 26 secs

About this Episode

If you don't factor in the element of romantic love -- or at least its possibility -- you'll surprise yourself when you start making decisions in life.

Sometimes I wish I could give a college commencement address. (No one is ever going to ask.) But I should like to talk about romantic love, and its over-riding, over-reaching, superseding strength as an element -- the decisive element -- in personal decision-making.

I can't really say that, though. Many people seem to want to "privilege" career and/or professional choices over their love life. They seem to want to, at least. But then you surprise yourself! You quit your job, or apply for a job in another city, or go back to school; and the real reason is that you've met someone, or want to. Even desperately want to.

Romantic love always wins. Tho' it takes too long these days.
So much romantic time is wasted by the effort, energy and time, g__dammit, given to careers that end up, eventually, feeling phony, futile, arbitrary, and selfish.

What am I saying? Put romantic love first. Hey, and then, work's a piece of cake. You'll probably be promoted at work the moment you start promoting yourself to her.