Episode 200: Catatonia

Episode 179 · August 12th, 2015 · 22 mins 43 secs

About this Episode

This is not the Who's Final Tour.  (They always come back.)

So maybe it is the Who's Final Tour.

Whatever it is, it's Podcast 200, and that's a benchmark.
So I decided to sum up the two core themes of the last... 100 or so
casts, and also tell you something that's blown my mind recently.
It's an instance of catatonia by way of Catalonia.

Seriously, the two core themes of PZ's Podcast are the durability and necessity of romantic connection; and the presence of God when a person is at the end of his or her rope. 'God meets us at our point of need.'

Gosh, I've seen that happen a lot. Not least of all, to me.

And I know, too, from Mary -- 'Along Comes Mary' (The Association) -- that the boy-girl side of things is paramount. Nothing above it.

Now, for 23 short minutes, Come Fly With Me.