Episode 274 - Tyrone Davis and the Future of Mankind

Episode 238 · May 28th, 2019 · 22 mins 50 secs

About this Episode

It's not just Tyrone Davis. It's almost any artist who captures the popular imagination. He or she is talking about real things, personal and individual issues, the things everyone is carrying. As opposed to abstractions and concepts.

I was looking at a church news service the other day and noted that every single item featured had to do with a "social-justice" or group-identity concern. And every single item was worthy, in the sense that the concern is real and the possibility of Christian moral input hopeful. But I also thought, not many people come to church for the first time looking for group-answers or conceptual constructions. People who come to church for the first time -- and most of us, probably -- are looking for relief from personal pain. We come to God -- when we really come to Him -- for relief and help in the now! This is an empirical fact from experience.

That is why Tyrone Davis speaks to me more than almost every religion news service put together. TD is right there in the arena of lovelessness, lovelornness, love abandonment and love recouping. Just listen to the opening phone call in "I Had It All the Time", which begins this cast. The man has flown 1000 miles to get something back that he lost. Love L-U-V, in other words.

Tyrone Davis, and not the unspecific concerns of our momentary moment, represents the Future of Mankind. LUV U!