Episode 275 - How, Exactly, Does Love Come Down?

Episode 239 · June 24th, 2019 · 18 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

We all want to know, when we are down -- I mean, when we are really down -- where we can turn for help. It happens to almost everyone, at least once in your life, that circumstances -- outward, inward, or a combination of both -- pull the rug out from under you and you find yourself flat on the ground. I don't write this to upset you, because you probably wouldn't be reading it if you didn't already know this.

But "Where Do I Go" ('Hair', 1969), when I have nowhere else to go?

Specifically, where do I go to find God? Or rather, where is God located that I might find him?

A recent BBC television series entitled "Mrs. Wilson" depicts a woman's descent into hell after she finds out that every safe harbor and mooring that her life has hitherto clung to is a lie. She finds out, very suddenly, that nothing in her life has been what it seemed. The rug is pulled out from under her life in almost every imaginable way. The story behind "Mrs. Wilson", by the way, is completely true.

She does find a solution, or, better, a re-alignment of her life's attitude and position. She finds God's Love, in fact, coming down to aid her.

But as I watched the moving and also Christian resolution of "Mrs. Wilson", I thought of all the ways that God is "advertised" as having come down, and therefore being available to a sufferer. And I thought of the shortcomings of at least some of those advertised ways.

Then I thought of Frank Lake, and Paula White. And learned something in the process.

The cast begins with an instrumental break by Los Straitjackets, which, for my money, is a solid instance of the Love that's come down; and ends with Eddie James, assisted by Ashley Brison and Patricia Miller, who root that Love in Pentecostal Power.