Episode 380 - It Only Takes a Minute, Girl (Pt 2)

Episode 344 · February 28th, 2024 · 17 mins 35 secs

About this Episode

I don't tire of quoting Thomas Cranmer's 'meme' that goes like this: "What the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies." That is so true to life.

Now note its difference with the sentence quoted in part one of this cast by my old episcopal acquaintance in Australia: "Nothing can be loved at speed" (M. Leunig).

But the heart always loves at speed!

Perseverance and steady, thoughtful loving exists, yes, but as a fruit of heart-love: Its fruit -- its consequence -- its effect.

And the heart, I say again, always loves at speed.

You could almost say this is the secret of life. Cranmer certainly said it. You and I know it from experience. Almost all our core decisions were made "at speed". We didn't think them through before making them. Our heart was "caught", and so it went and "So It Goes" (B. Joel, 1990).

When we said 'yes' to God, or when we first said a real prayer, it "Only Took a Minute, Lord'.

We didn't "count the cost". We probably should have, but we didn't in fact. By the Grace of God, our hearts were so "warmed" (John Wesley on May the 24th) that the warm lasted. The warm kept heating us as long as life went on. "Listen to the Warm" (Rod McK., 1967).

So, um, well, OK, I, ... Listen to your Heart. LUV U.