Episode 267 - Blowing Away

Episode 231 · February 8th, 2019 · 23 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

Huge -- Yuge -- feedback from the previous two casts, entitled "Surprise Surprise" and "Soul Searchin' Time".

So here I am looking at two basics, two core issues I have with current religion -- religion in the David Zahl/"Seculosity" sense, that is, every attempt to solve the problem of being human by conceiving a lever to fix it.

I see two core problems with most religion, let alone culture, today. This includes evangelical Christianity, which persistently shows, in the case of fallen pastors, disloyalty to its central warrant; and social-progressive Christianity, which also persistently shows, in the case of traditional believers in its own ranks, a failure to live up to its warrant of "inclusion".

My first point is that if one's anthropology is too high, if one's understanding of human nature underestimates the problem of inward inherent conflictedness (i.e., sin), then one's soteriology is routinely too low. In other words, if you believe human beings can produce a just society on their own, then the tools you give them to do it will not be up to the task. The Gospel presupposes a low anthropology, which requires a high soteriology. You need to get your diagnosis right in order to get your treatment right.

My second point is that if you think parity-of-power and/or economic security are the two necessary elements of social and individual satisfaction, then you are missing an element that's even more important than they. What's that, you ask? Romantic Love.

Oh, no, you say, Paul's at it again! But no! Just listen to the songs you like on Spotify, review the records you buy (or download), and think about... what you're usually thinking about. Let's not even use the phrase "romantic love". Let's just say, relationships. Let's just say, connection with another human being. Let's just talk about moms and dads and children, boyfriends and girlfriends, 'Friend and Lover' ("Reach Out of the Darkness", 1968). These are the things -- the people -- that make your world go 'round, or make it crash!

Two basics, then: the inviolable connection between low anthropology and high soteriology, and the irresistible claim on you of a relationship. Or the hope of same. (Sighted Sub. Sank Same.) LUV U!