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From "Telstar" to "Vault of Horror," from Rattigan to Kerouac, from the Village of Bray to the Village of Midwich, help PZ link old ancient news and pop culture. I think I can see him, "Crawling from the Wreckage." Will he find his way? This show is brought to you by Mockingbird! www.mbird.com

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  • Beatnik Beach

    August 10th, 2010  |  37 mins 48 secs

    The title of a song by the Go-Go's sets the stage for part two on preaching. Welcome to Beatnik Beach!

  • Bohemian Rhapsody -- The Rite One

    August 10th, 2010  |  37 mins 7 secs

    The subject is preaching, an Achilles Heel in American religion. I turn to Jack Kerouac for some help.

  • Episode One - What's it all about, Alfie?

    August 4th, 2010  |  41 mins 51 secs

    In which our hero introduces you to his search. "For you the living, this Mash was meant, too."

  • Episode Two - The Alcestiad, Act One

    August 4th, 2010  |  37 mins 31 secs

    Our hero, incarnated as an ancient Greek princess, finds Love and Happiness, Thornton-Wilder style.

  • Episode Three - The Alcestiad, Act Three

    August 4th, 2010  |  39 mins 2 secs

    Our hero, again incarnated as the Queen of Thessaly, heads south, only to still find happiness.